Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY - Ipe Dining Table For Zero Dollars

I guess I'm running out of things to post on here because this project is from last fall. I'm enjoying my days off and being lazy by the pool haha... Anyway, this table was almost free because most materials were reclaimed or "donated" leftovers from other projects. Habitat restore or local wood shops are great places to look for deals on wood or other materials.
I started out by stripping the edges of the decking boards so they lined up perfectly. Then glued them together and clamped them for a day or two. I thought I could sand the surface by hand like I've done before with other woods, but Ipe is extremely dense and hard and demands a lot more horsepower than my little arms. Instead I ran it through a drum sander, which made the top completely smooth. Then oiled it, which made it darker and more even toned as well as giving it protection from general usage. The legs, which is one large piece of Ipe, was attached with a simple stainless steel L-bracket. Hurra cheap kitchen table!


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